Turkish Language and Literature (M.A.)

Turkish Language and Literature Master’s Program with Thesis aims to prepare the groundwork for the interpretation of the texts of Turkish, which has had an oral and written tradition for more than a thousand years, and these texts are constructed in various literary genres and forms, with a pluralistic perspective. Theoretical analysis of texts written in the Turkish language, taking into account the literary, cultural, and historical context; interpreting tradition, culture, and civilization, and connecting them with the future will be possible with students who will be educated at the graduate level. For this kind of education and to establish a critical ground for students, there is a need to examine contemporary literary and linguistic theories and the oral and written, old and new, classical and modern texts of the Turkish language. Accepting diversity as a primary principle, the Department of Turkish Language and Literature Master’s Program with Thesis acts on the assumption that important insights can be produced within a theoretical framework that includes different approaches and methods.

In this context, Samsun University Turkish Language and Literature Master’s Program consists of the divisions of Old Turkic Language, Old Turkish Literature, Turkish Folk Literature, New Turkish Language, and New Turkish Literature. The program, which includes courses and faculty members from different perspectives and academic areas, aims to enable students to receive qualified education in every field they want to specialize in and create an original scientific study. In addition, our courses are planned by taking into account the relationships established by linguistics, history, sociology, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, political science, drama, visual arts, music, media, cultural science, politics, and other social sciences literature.

The graduates of Turkish Language and Literature, Turkish Language and Literature Teaching, Turkish Language Teaching, Linguistics, Comparative Literature, Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literature, Turkish Folklore and Folklore Departments can apply for the Samsun University Turkish Language and Literature MA program. Applicants who have used their undergraduate
degrees in different departments will begin their studies in the Department by completing preparatory coursework.

We are waiting for the candidates who would like to specialize in Turkish Language and Literature, receive an interdisciplinary and comparative education on Turkish Language and Literature, and create an original scientific study in this field.

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