History (M.A.)

The aim of the program is to enable students to gain the ability to conduct advanced scientific research and access, evaluate and interpret information. In this context, the department of history, which was established by the gathering of academicians who are competent in their fields, aims to train students in an efficient academic consultancy and effective teaching process.

The program equips students with the necessary theoretical and methodological tools for historical research and analysis, and aims to develop a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective in their research. In the master’s program in which Scientific Research Techniques and Ethics and Seminar courses are offered as compulsory, students are directed to thesis study after taking the basic field courses in the Ancient, Medieval, Modern, Modern Age, History of the Republic of Turkey and General Turkish History Departments they have chosen, and it is tried to be ensured that they put forward qualified theses. . In addition, it aims to enable students to follow scientific activities related to their fields in the course and thesis processes and to gain the processes of making new contributions to the field with their studies. In this way, the history master’s program aims to train researchers who are open to scientific developments in history and related fields, who can contribute to science with their graduate studies, and who are familiar with research processes and new developments in their field.

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