Post-Thesis Defense Process

Students who successfully complete their thesis defense in front of the jury can complete their graduation procedures by completing the following procedures:

1- Signing the Thesis Defense Approval Page (1 Piece – For Hardcover Edition)

2- Signing the Thesis Defense Minute

3- Signed receipt of the “Thesis Review and Evaluation Form” filled by the Thesis Juries (one copy from each jury member)

4- Thesis Defense Minute and Thesis Examination and Evaluation Form are delivered to the institute by the Graduate School Department within three days following the thesis exam.

5- Completion of minor correction suggestions, if any, related to the thesis from the jury,

6- After the deficiencies are corrected, the thesis prepared in accordance with the Thesis Writing guide is examined by the Assistant Director of the Institute and after the correction suggestions are made, the Thesis Writing Form is signed and the thesis is received,

7- Submitting the graduation process application form to the institute by signing with its annexes, stating that the theses have been delivered to the institute and your request for the graduation process to be started.

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