Mechanical Engineering (M.Sc.)

Mechanical Engineering Master program accepted its first students in the 2019-2020 Fall semester and started education especially in Aerospace, Defense and Biomedical subjects. The aim of our master’s program with thesis is to provide our students with the ability to conduct scientific research, to gain access to information, to evaluate and interpret information. This program consists of at least seven courses, a seminar course and thesis, with a total of not less than twenty-one national credits. Lessons; It can be taken from the courses in the “Mechanics”, “Manufacturing and Construction”, “Machine Theory and Dynamics”, “Energy” and “Thermodynamics” Departments within the Department of Mechanical Engineering, as well as from other Departments within the Institute, if the thesis advisor deems it appropriate. Graduate courses can also be selected from the courses offered in other higher education institutions upon the recommendation of the advisor and the relevant Institute Department chair and the approval of the Graduate School Administrative Board. Students who complete their courses give a graduate seminar. Then, at the end of the second semester, they determine a thesis topic and study this thesis subject under the direction of the thesis advisor. When the thesis is finished, they prepare a master’s thesis and defend it in front of a jury. Students who successfully complete the program by completing the course and thesis requirements are entitled to receive a “Master’s Degree”.

In our department, especially Finite Element Method, Solid Object Mechanics, Contact problems, 3D Printer Technologies, Continuous Fiber Reinforced Composites, Electrochemical Processing, Tribology, Coating Mechanics, Energy, Thermodynamics, Combustion, Biofuels, Digital Modeling, External Flow. In our department, there is an Electro-Chemical Processing Laboratory and a 3D Printer Technologies Laboratory. The language of instruction in our Master’s program with thesis is Turkish.


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