Mechanical Engineering (Ph.D.)

The Mechanical Engineering Department Doctorate Program aims to raise the need for researchers in our country’s industrial organizations to gain the skills to produce advanced technology products by training expert research engineers who have advanced knowledge and skills in areas where the need for expertise is high, can think independently, are self-sufficient and have the ability to produce solutions to technical problems. It aims to meet the needs of the industry and to conduct research that will find solutions to the problems of the industry.

Our doctoral program will guide researchers working in R&D centers, which are increasing in number in our country, so that they can produce more academic and conscious solutions for the projects they carry out or want to carry out. Our doctoral program aims to design more original and innovative products for companies operating in the fields of biomedical, defense and aviation in Samsun, and to do this in a harmonious manner in cooperation with University-Industry, while making significant contributions to the international literature. In addition, as Samsun University, it is another important goal of ours to achieve the achievements in rocket studies at the undergraduate level, especially at the doctoral level with more special projects in the field of space studies.

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