Economics (M.A.)

Increasing competition in the economic world, intertwining and the speed of technological innovations, it has changed the requirements in the business world; on the other hand, it has made academic research fields more multidisciplinary. More than ever, business and academia need people who can understand and evaluate complex economic events using economics and finance theory. While Turkey is at the center of change with its young population and economy; at the same time, it is rapidly integrating with the global business and financial markets. This situation increases the need for competent people in the field of economy and finance. Economics and finance masters program gives students the ability to continue their doctoral education and/or advanced research in academic terms. In addition, by giving students a strong economic and financial theory background, it helps them to produce solutions with the latest and inclusive approaches to the problems they may encounter in the business environment.

It is aimed that students will be able to create policy within the framework of economic theories and develop the impact analysis of policies, to understand the working mechanisms of national and international financial markets, and to make analyzes supported by quantitative methods in public institutions and organizations, regulatory institutions and national/international financial institutions. Students, who complete the program, will have increased their ability to evaluate and analyze the discipline of economics, which can have a complex structure from time to time, thanks to their theoretical knowledge and application skills, and will have the ability to choose the appropriate methodological approach that they can apply to the problems they encounter. In this way, it is aimed that the students have in-depth knowledge and specialization about the issues related to the fields of economics and finance.

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