Political Science and Public Administration (M.A. w/o Thesis)

Political Science and Public Administration Non-Thesis Master’s Program has an interdisciplinary nature. It focuses on government, politics, society and international relations. In this context, an education in which political and administrative phenomena are handled from a scientific point of view is envisaged in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at Samsun University Graduate Education Institute. It is structured for non-thesis master’s students who want to conduct theoretical knowledge as well as practical field research at a global, regional and national level, historical and philosophical perspective.

Our department is planned to train people who take part in or will take part in decision-making processes at national and international levels, while analysing political and administrative institutions and processes scientifically and comparatively. It also aims to take into account the ever-changing conditions of the world. In this context, our department has a dynamic curriculum that takes into account the changing conditions and new needs of the world, especially our country, and a student-centered education-teaching approach that can think critically and analytically, has a theoretical basis in political, administrative, social and legal issues, and has the basic requirements of business life, has aim to train who has entrepreneurial spirit.

In addition to these, it is possible to transfer from Samsun University Political Science and Public Administration Distance Education Non-Thesis Master’s Program without thesis to the same department’s master’s program with thesis as many as the number of quotas determined by our senate. Therefore, non-thesis graduate students who want to do academic studies are provided with opportunities in this way.

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