Sociology (Ph.D.)

Sociology is an academic effort that addresses the social, and it systematically analyzes the events and phenomena that occur on a local, regional, and global scale within a line of historical continuity. In general, sociology education aims to make students gain the ability to comprehend, understand and explain the parameters surrounding society such as city, media, culture, religion, education, and economy. In this context, sociology is an interdisciplinary science that cooperates with fields such as history, law, political science, literature, and philosophy. The aim of the master’s program in the Department of Sociology is to give students the necessary theoretical education in line with the objectives of sociology and to make them gain the ability to carry out sociological thinking, research, and application studies. In this direction, scientific knowledge of researching on the socio-cultural fabric of Turkey, the region, and the city from the perspective of sociology will be offered and the necessary resources will be provided for the development of appropriate policies. In this sense, it strives to show sensitivity to social problems and to carry out studies aimed at producing quick solutions. In line with these objectives, the master’s program aims to train researchers who are open to scientific developments in sociology along with all fields related to sociology, who can contribute to science with their research and studies, and who are able to keep up with the new developments in the field of sociology.

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