Software Engineering (M.Sc.)

Information technology and software systems play an important role in the economic development of many countries. Software systems constitute a very important and critical component of computer systems used in almost all areas of daily life such as financial systems, commercial systems, health information systems, airline transportation, telecommunications systems, automotive engineering. Software Engineering is a new engineering discipline that has existed since 1968 and aims to design, manufacture and operate software systems by using engineering principles established in other engineering branches for many years. Software engineering is a field that has applications in almost all disciplines.

Since there is a great lack of qualified manpower in information and communication technology in Turkey, software systems are not oriented towards R&D and production. On the other hand, many university graduates who specialize in fields other than others want to pursue careers in information and communication technology, especially software systems development and software project management. The main aim of the Software Engineering Master’s Program is to provide a graduate level education for students who want to work as software engineers, software developers and software project managers in the new and growing software industry.

Samsun University Software Engineering Department Master’s Program with Thesis will accept students from the 2021-2022 fall semester. The language of instruction of the program is Turkish. Students who successfully complete the requirements of the Software Engineering Program will receive a Master of Science (MS) in Software Engineering. Applicants are expected to have knowledge of programming concepts and at least one programming language, in addition to basic computer literacy, including the use and operation of an operating system, standard office tools, and the Internet. In addition, candidates who do not have the necessary background in object-oriented programming, data structures and algorithms, computer organization, operating systems and database systems are required to take scientific preparation.

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